5 Advantages of Metal Sheds

Are you looking for a quality shed that will protect your valuables from the weather for many years without breaking the bank? Maybe you should consider metal sheds. Most people think of sheds as wooden buildings, but metal sheds are really a good option, especially for backyard storage, garages and other structures. In this blog post we will try to answer some of the most popular questions around metal sheds and detail some of the advantages and disadvantages that a metal shed offers over standard wooden sheds. Hopefully this will help you make a wise decision between a metal shed or a wooden shed.

What are the Advantages of Metal Sheds?

Metal Sheds Last Longer Than Wood Sheds

A high-quality metal shed will last you for many years. Steel is often referred to as being one of the strongest building materials on earth, so when you make a structure that is protected with metal, it should last a very long time. Good quality metal will hold up much better than wood under harsh weather conditions and you don’t have to worry as much about the rotting, warping, or termite problems that can come with all wooden structures. If you get a well-built steel sheds it may just become the next family heirloom that can be passed on to the next generation.

Metal Sheds Require Less Maintenance Than Wooden Sheds

A metal shed will not need to be repainted or re-stained every few years like a wood shed. Metal is not likely to have mold or mildew grow on it like some wood structures, so it is easier to keep it looking good. When it does get dirty, metal is much easier to clean (just use a water hose or pressure washer). It will also hold up much better than wood in extreme conditions and temperatures.

Metal Sheds are Generally More Affordable Than Wood Sheds

Metal sheds are usually quicker to build and require less material than good wood sheds, so you can usually get more shed for your money. If you have a set budget for a shed, you are likely to be able to get a larger shed if you choose metal. Or you could consider using your extra budget funds to add more features onto your shed (windows, extra doors, garage doors, shelves, etc…).

Metal Sheds are Easier to Transport

Metal sheds are generally not as heavy as wood sheds. This can make so that your shed may be easier to transport to a different location if you ever need to move it.

Metal Sheds are Environmentally Friendly

Metal is a recyclable material that can reused in other applications in the future. If environmental sustainability is a consideration for you in your pursuit of more space steel sheds should definitely be an option for you.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Metal Sheds?

They are more likely to get really hot inside during the summer

Could heat damage your valuables? You may want to consider insulating, ensuring good ventilation, or adding air conditioning to your shed. This should especially be a consideration if your shed is going to be in direct sunlight.

Metal sheds have less customization options

Wood sheds are much easier to build with unique designs and generally have more options for custom colors than with a metal shed. If you are looking for a portable building that you want to customize for special usage, our recommendation is going to generally be a wood shed over a metal shed


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