How Does The Shed Delivery Work?

        After placing your Storage Shed order, a customer representative will contact you to arrange a date that works for both you and our delivery driver.  On the Set date, our delivery driver will come and set up the shed on the place you prepared for it. The driver will use our Shed Mule to ensure that your property is not damaged and that you get the shed placed exactly like you want it. 

What Is The Shed Mule?

    A Shed Mule is an outdoor storage shed mover that has a Hydrostatic Drive System. This machine is suited to install a shed by only one person. It can maneuver through tricky and narrow spaces while being very careful to bring no damage to the landscape or leave ruts in the yard.

What Happens During My Shed Installation?

     The driver will place the shed where instructed and check for any last minute touches or adjustments that need to be done to the shed pad and the shed. You will sign a confirmation delivery form. Then we will be on our way as you begin to enjoy your new property investment. 

What About a Permit?

The buyer is responsible for acquiring any required permits. We recommend that customers check with their local townships to find out if there are any requirements of placing a shed on the desired property. There may be “setback” requirements that determine where the shed can be placed in relation to the property lines.

There may also be anchor requirements depending on the size of the structure. All towns, and even homeowner’s associations, may have different regulations. As such, Coastal Sheds is unable to give specific advice in this area.

What Are The Delivery Costs?

       If you live within 30 miles of a shed lot, delivery is Free. We charge $4/mile one way for anything past 30 miles. 


     Use our 3D shed builder to visually customize a shed that has all the options and features you desire. Once you are satisfied with your custom building you can request a quote for your design.